James Cameron is best known as the director of the two most financially successful movies of the modern era, which I believe were titled The Boat That Couldn’t Stop Sinking and Blue People: Origins. But this whole “filmmaking” thing is just a day job, paying the bills for his true passion: Conquering the ocean. Cameron is an Explorer-In-Residence for National Geographic, and in that role, he’s about to set off on a magical journey to the deepest point in the ocean — a place that was only visited once before, 50 years ago, by Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh. Cameron make the journey alone, in a bespoke submersible called the Deepsea Challenger. In a new video released by National Geographic, Cameron notes that he’s a little worried about the journey. “Worrying’s good when you’re an explorer,” he says. Watch the video below:

The real question is: By undertaking this daredevil voyage to the bottom of the sea, is Cameron making an unofficial play to replace Richard Branson as the chairman of the Super Adventure Club?

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