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A few years ago, when I was visiting home, I found a copy of Orson Scott Card's sci-fi novel Ender's Game lying outside of my room. "Mom, what is this book?" I hollered downstairs.

"Oh, I bought it for you," she yelled back up to me. Somehow, she must have known I was balking at the sight of a smiley little boy astronaut on the cover. "Everyone says that's such a great book," she quickly added.

"Mom, this literally looks like it was written for a third grader," I complained as I reluctantly shoved the paperback onto my already overcrowded shelf.

Well, the following summer, I found myself lying around my apartment one weekend with nothing to do. For some reason — probably the fact that I'm a great son — I had shoved Ender's Game into my suitcase before I moved up to New York City, and since I had nothing better to do, I decided to give the book a try.

Well, it took all of 20 minutes for me to understand why my mom had heard so many good things. Ender's Game was amazing!

Over the course of the following three days, I couldn't put down the novel, which combines the adrenaline rush of something like The Hunger Games with the philosophical questions of something like Lord of the Flies, with the subtle political commentaries of something like 1984. I was completely absorbed by Ender Wiggin and his journey through Battle School.

When I finished the story (which I won't spoil here), I had to tell all my buddies about how great this book was. Over Fourth of July weekend, I explained to friend after friend that I was absolutely in love with this little book called Ender's Game. In response, friend after friend told me, "Oh yeah, that book is awesome! I read it in middle school." Oh.

Apparently, I was very late to the party. No matter though, I was happy to be there at all! Plus, I felt very in-the-know when it was announced that Gavin Hood would helm a film version of Ender's Game, set to hit theaters in March 2013. Now I'm way earlier to the party than all the new readers that the adaptation will attract!

That brings us to the point of this post: I am so flippin' excited for this Ender's Game movie! The movie started shooting last week in New Orleans (production is scheduled from Feb. 28 to June 8), and I'm already finding myself eager to see some sort of clip, some picture, some costume — anything really!

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Sure, I'm still wondering how the filmmakers will get away with having 14-year-olds (Hugo's Asa Butterfield will play Ender, Abigail Breslin will portray his sister Valentine, and True Grit's Hailee Steinfeld will play Petra) depict characters who were originally 6 to 10 years-old, but I'd rather not worry about all that! First off, I'm just basking in the joy I feel that Orson Scott Card's imaginative, anti-gravity-filled, morally fascinating, extra-violent story is finally getting the big-screen treatment. Second, I know that Card himself played a big part in Ender's Game's screen-delays, claiming that he didn't want his story ruined by green-screen Hollywood, so it makes me feel good that Hood's script is a rewrite of Card's own screenplay, which he adapted. The book reads like a movie, and in Card's hands, perhaps the film will play like one as well.

The main thing I want to hear right now: What other sci-fi geeks are totally amped about an Ender's Game movie? Ender's fans might not be as conspicuous a group as the Hunger Games tributes, Twi-hards or Trekkies — yet. But I know for a fact that they are just as passionate. So, good Battle Schoolers, let me offer you this post as a place to unleash your excitement!

Tell me, Ender's Game supporters, are you pumped for the movie? Be sure to check out our cast gallery.

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