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It’s been almost one month since the sad passing of Whitney Houston, and now the legendary singer’s family is beginning to open up. While Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina (who, as its been reported, was left everything in her mother’s will) and her brother Gary Houston and sister-in-law Patricia Houston sat down with Oprah Winfrey for a chat on Oprah’s Next Chapter (the episode airs on OWN this Sunday), the Grammy-winner’s cousin, singer Dionne Warwick talked to Good Morning America on Thursday.

“I spoke to Whitney the day that she passed,” Warwick revealed during her interview, “I spoke to her that morning.” The 71-year-old said that Houston asked if she’d be at Clive Davis’ Grammys party, which Houston was also going to attend. Warwick told GMA, “She said, ‘You’re here, aren’t you? You’re coming to the party, aren’t you?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I’m going to be there’ and she said, ‘Thank you, I want you to be here. You’ve got to be here for me.'” (Tragically, Houston was found dead in a bathroom at Los Angeles’ Beverly Hilton Hotel, hours before the pre-Grammy celebration.)

“She was so up and ready and happy. She had everything in the world to live for,” Warwick said of her cousin, adding, “She had a new film [Sparkle] that was an absolute dream to make and do. She was getting ready to go back into the studio to record. She was getting her vocals together.”

Warwick said that while the “surreal” death of Houston (who she described as “the little girl I never had”) “hasn’t really sunk in yet,” she assured that the family as a whole is coping. Warwick told GMA that Houston’s mother Cissy is “holding up so very well … I think she’s coming to terms with it just about now,” and daughter Bobbi Kristina will have all their support. “That’s the one thing I love about my family. We are family,” Warwick stated. Watch the interview here.

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