Considering everything about the wildly anticipated horror flick The Cabin in the Woods already feels like a tease (thank co-writer and producer Joss Whedon for the cloak of mystery), it’s fitting that the latest trailer is just that. A tease. The one-minute spot doesn’t give away any new clues for anxious fans dying to know what “the secret” is behind the cabin, nor does it have much new footage compared to the first trailer.

Again, we see a group of sexy, horror-movie youngsters (led by Thor Chris Hemsworth) ignore the ominous threats from the local creepy gas station attendant and wind up at an even more ominous-looking cabin where mysterious events — apparently controlled by some hi-tech evil genius — turn their vacation awry. (On the plus side, more of The Naked and Famous!) Frustrating? A little. Making us want to see it that much more to find out what the hell is going on? Absolutely. Watch it here:

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Cabin in the Woods
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