If you live in New York, or ever have, you’ve probably already gotten word that newscaster Sue Simmons, who’s been with WNBC since 1980, would not have her contract renewed this June. Maybe your Facebook page is covered with as many salutes as mine. As soon as her friend Cindy Adams broke the news, longtime fans started sharing their surprise, along with their memories and a longshot attempt to save her job.

Yes, many will remember her on-air profanity slip in 2008 and the ensuing apology. Or her admission that back in the day she used to have a drink before going on air (there have always been suspicions).

But the Emmy-winning Simmons, 68, was so much more than that. She was damn near an institution for those of us of a certain age who grew up watching her every day alongside Chuck Scarborough on the 11 p.m newscast, or on Live at Five. You felt as if you knew her (and her takes on certain stories if you read her intonations juuust right). I missed her and her mischievous laugh when she had to take a few months off for back surgery in 2010, was delighted when she returned a few months later, and never seriously entertained the idea of NBC 4 news without her.

Scarborough, also 68, will be back for three more years, but we’ll be saying “So long” to Simmons in just a few months.

Surprised, Popwatchers? Share your on-air memories of Simmons. I can’t be the only one who loved her groundhog impression.