Joseph Kony
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From Nicki Minaj, to the young stars of Hugo, to Kim Kardashian, celebs have been flocking to Twitter to voice their urgent opposition to Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (more commonly known as the LRA), one of central Africa’s most violent rebel groups. At the helm of the online campaign is Invisible Children, a charity group that aims to raise awareness about Kony’s brutal human rights violations in Uganda.

Topic #StopKony has been trending worldwide since Tuesday, with viral video Kony2012 racking up almost two million hits on YouTube so far, according to The Washington Post, with no signs of slowing down.

Take a look at what celebrities are saying after the jump:

@iamdiddy: Dear Joseph Kony, I’m Gonna help Make you FAMOUS!!!! We will stop YOU #StopKONY ! All 6,OOO,OOO of my followers RT NOW!!! Pls!

@iharryshun: Morning everyone! #stopkony is trending. Get into the know and make him famous. Share w/ your parents, friends & EVERYONE

@brookwhite: here’s a trending topic worth supporting…if you haven’t already, you need to watch this, I just did #STOPKONY

@KimKardashian:#Kony2012 Wow just watched! What a powerful video! Stop Kony!!! RT @KendallJenner: please WATCH THIS…

@simonhelberg: Just watch the first few minutes and you will be swept up. I don’t ever say this but – please RT. #stopkony

@MrJoshCharles: You must watch this and get involved: #stopkony #april20th2012

@TherealTaraji: RT @HybridSteele: @TherealTaraji Please RT!!! Stop KONY NOW!!! #stopkony

@piersmorgan: OK, I just watched this, as many urged me to do: – astonishing, powerful & important. Now YOU watch it. #stopkony

@NICKIMINAJ: RT @KidsOfUganda: We hear the silent cries of Uganda. We see the invisible children of Uganda. #STOPKONY

@ErinAndrews: I couldnt sleep last night after I watched this.. #KONY2012, #StopKony

@UncleRUSH: the 411 on the #StopKony movement… PLS RT

@asabfb: Join the worldwide effort to #stopkony and bring the children home.

@JulietteLewis: I just watched this in full. SO well made. 2gether we can actually make this happen! RT! #stopkony #invisiblechildren

@latoyajackson: Please!…We must spread the news and #StopKony by making #Kony2012 famous. Let’s put an end to this!

@elizadushku: Dear Tweeps, if I ask you for 1 thing this year: PLEASE RT & WATCH SHARE IT & JOIN US @invisible #KONY2012 #StopKony x

@IMKristenBell: btw yall, you know that @jasonrussell is literally captain #kony2012 right? he speaks it, he lives it, he is the reason we know. follow him!

@Alyssa_Milano: DO NOT SLEEP THROUGH A REVOLUTION. PLEASE watch and RT this video☛ #kony2012 /via @IMKristenBell

@MCHammer: Let us not be weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap if we fade not. #Koney2012 #HelpTheChildren

@juliebenz: Please watch and help @Invisible TO STOP #KONY2012 #StopKony PLEASE RT we have the power to change the world!!

@katiecouric: “@AlexisSharpie:#STOPKONY2012 Please RT for all the #invisiblechildren who are being forced to do horrible things in Africa!”

@steveaoki: Before I pass out on this plane #kony2012 support invisible children. Its only 30 minutes of ur time to watch the video. Good night

@questlove: and just to be fair…another view/opinion on the Invisible Children #stopkony campaign

@VINNYGUADAGNINO: Invisible Children was powerful and I want to help #STOPKONY2012

@ladyantebellum: Lady A’ers please take a moment watch this video from @Invisible Children. RT & share. #StopKony

@youngthegiant: RT : YOUR VOICE makes a difference. Please retweet to #StopKony & support Invisible Children!!

@ChloeGMoretz: So exciting how much improvement we’ve made for #KONY2012!! this morning hardly anyone knew tonight? EVERYONES KNOWS!

@dannymasterson: RT @JulietteLewis: Watched this in full. AMAZING! WE can actually make this happen! #stopkony #invisiblechildren

Here’s the video:

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