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For better or worse, Buckyballs are having a moment. The shape-shifting desk accessories have been growing in popularity over the last several years, but they became headline news when an Oregon toddler nearly died after swallowing 37 of the magnetic silver balls. In real-person terms, this is a crisis thankfully averted. In Hollywood producer terms, this is a flash of genius. (I wish I were being cynical when I say that.)

Clearly there is an appetite in Hollywood for movies about games, no matter how ridiculous the adaptation might seem at first blush. The Ouija movie is back on track, Candy Land has big-name player Adam Sandler on board, and Battleship is cruising toward its May release date. So why not Buckyballs? Now that the toy just got an air of “Don’t try this at home!,” you know there’s some Paranormal Ring Chronicle wannabe out there who is furiously typing away on a Terminator 2: Judgment Day-meets-Child’s Play supernatural thriller. Well, aspiring filmmaker, I’ve got your tagline: “A killer… with balls.”

Or perhaps the Buckyballs movie will be lighter in spirit, à la Candy Land. Think the excitement of the opening scene of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, only the boulder can break up, multiply, and arranged itself into different shapes. There will be a child protagonist and (s)he will be played by at least one of Will Smith’s offspring, with Rico Rodriguez as the wisecracking sidekick.

These are just a few ideas movies producers are doubtless toying with (rimshot!) right now. Whether Buckyballs: The Movie and Buckyballs 2: Ballers’ Boogaloo every come to pass remains to be seen. For my money, I’m pretty sure I’m not alone at EW in continuing to hope for a Hungry Hungry Hippos movie. Bring it, Harvey Weinstein.

What do you think, PopWatchers? How long before some Tinseltown bigwig throws his (or her) hat in the ring for the Buckyballs movie?

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