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Fact: there is something called the Arnold Sports Festival, an annual multi-sport gathering (billed as the largest in the nation) that features more than 45 sports, over 700 exhibition booths, and one (1) 8-foot bronze statue of festival namesake Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Second fact: at this year’s festival in Columbus, Ohio, the former bodybuilder-turned-actor-turned-Governator-turned-actor revealed his upcoming slate of action movies, leading us to believe that the Arnold just does not stop. At a press conference, Schwarzenegger discussed his next film projects, which will begin with The Expendables 2, the Sylvester Stallone-penned sequel to 2010’s adrenaline-cased sausage fest, due out in August.

“They had Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren and Stallone and Chuck Norris and every action hero of the ages between 30 and 100,” said Schwarzenegger. “[They] were all there on the movie set and having the biggest shootouts, and of course you have a great time because they’re all very funny guys and very intense and masters in what they’re doing.”

Schwarzenegger’s next project took him to New Mexico to shoot Last Stand, in which he’ll play a sheriff who faces off with a runaway drug cartel leader at the Mexican border. That one hits theaters in January 2013.

“And then the next movie I’m doing again with Sly is called The Tomb, which will be [shot] in Louisiana,” said Schwarzenegger, finally reaching the present. “It’s a prison movie where we both are caught in the most difficult prison to break out of, which is a huge ship out in the ocean, so you can’t escape… but of course, we figure it out.”

Fourth and last on the list is The Unknown Soldier, which will be directed by Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh, two of the Bandito Brothers (the company behind the surprise hit Act of Valor). “They shot that movie for $4 million and it looks like a $100 million movie,” said the Arnold. “So those directors are doing the movie, which will start shooting sometime in June, and hopefully by that time my shoulder will be okay so I can do many of the stunts.”

Watch video of the heavily-accented press conference below:

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