There’s breaking news from the Idoldome, and it’s not that “We got some hot singing tonight Ryan baby come on!” (That’s Randy Jackson’s “exclusive scoop” 24/7.) No, the news is that this week only, the judges — not the voters — will decide which of the Top 13 singers will go home on Thursday night’s results show.

Tonight marks the first time we’ve had a Guys vs. Girls competition. The seven guys are singing Stevie Wonder covers, while the six girls are taking on Whitney Houston. Tomorrow night, Ryan will reveal which guy and which girl received the least amount of viewer votes — and then it’s up to the judges which one stays and which one falls desperately into oblivion, clutching the sparkly microphone so tightly that Seacrest has to cut the cord himself.

What is this, The X Factor? (Aggggghhh!)

Quite the shakeup! Do you trust the judges to make the right choice? Steven Tyler is currently wearing Lichtenstein-esque white pants with lips on them and Randy’s wearing that ridiculous pin (update: It’s Betty Boop!), so I pretty much trust their judgment on anything.

I wonder if these judges are stepping up their fashion because Adam Levine’s sweater vs. Christina Aguilera’s fascinator made such a splash on The Voice Monday? Idol‘s losing this particular battle, I must say.

Discuss the Stevie and Whitney performances here, and stay tuned for my recap overnight!

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