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They say the third time’s a charm. But that certainly wasn’t the case for Milan on last night’s new episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, which — SPOILER ALERT — saw the Broadway- and oddly dude-tinged queen from NYC get the ol’ “sashay away” after her third week of lip-synching for her life in a row. Not charming!

And it should just be put out there: Gurl is a bad, bad, bad lip-syncher, and last night’s performance to Lady Gaga’s pride anthem “Born This Way” showed exactly why. And that was mostly because she ripped off both her top, exposing a bare man’s chest, and her wig. (She sure can do the splits, though.) Stripping down is nothing new for the main stage’s lip-synching-for-your-life showdowns, but there is sort of a feel of “been there, done that” when the wig-throwing starts now. And with all the disparaging comments Milan got from the judges about her drag being too “mannish,” it didn’t help her cause at all.

Or am I just not understanding Milan’s style of performing? Was it actually genius in some secret way?

The hilarious thing about the lip-synching last night was that Milan’s competitor in the bottom, Jiggly Caliente, was also God awful, but clearly, not as bad as Milan. (And don’t even get me started on what Jiggly did on the runway — that cape, really?!?) Honestly, it was a toss-up about who should have been sent packing. No doubt that Jiggly’s time is nearly up, too.

Regardless of the questionable lip-synching, last night’s episode of Drag Race was pure fun — especially the mini-challenge, which saw the queens donning breast plates (provided by, for the win!) and shaking it in a put-on wet t-shirt contest; all the messing from Jiggly; and all the sassing from Willam. (I hate her, but wow, she’s entertaining.)

What was your favorite moment from last night? And back to the original question at hand: Did you think Milan’s lip-synching was awful — or genius? Sound off in the comments below.

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