By Marc Snetiker
Updated March 06, 2012 at 09:27 PM EST

You may have already seen this video circulating, the one with the flying robot quadrotors — which are much cooler than non-flying humans with single rotors – autonomously performing the James Bond theme at a tech conference in California last week. But that doesn’t mean it still won’t blow your mind this week.

At this year’s TED 2012 conference, an international meeting of idea-filled folks in the fields of technology, entertainment and design, a group of engineers from the University of Pennsylvania demonstrated their musical fleet of flying quadrotors, which utilized a handful of instruments to play the instantly recognizable twang of the James Bond theme song. Keyboard, cymbals, a giant guitar made out of a couch frame — you name it, they play it.

The freaky part? The robots aren’t controlled by humans standing off camera in an RC car type of deal; rather, they’ve been pre-programmed with instructions to perform music, and they’re doing it successfully in unsettling fashion. The future of music is here, people, and it is musical robots. (Could these be the same masterminds behind Lana del Rey?)

Check out the ridiculously creative video below: