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Zooey Deschanel knows the pressures of live performance well, which probably helped her pull off on one of the better episodes of SNL this season. Perhaps that’s why she has sympathy for former teen star Lindsay Lohan, who hosted a critically panned episode this weekend.

EW caught up with Deschanel on Monday night during the PaleyFest salute to New Girl (which was a panel as quirky and lovable as the show itself), and the actress-singer was quick to rush to her fellow host’s defense. “It’s so hard,” she said. “And can I say something? I thought she did a really good job; everyone reads off cue cards. There were some people saying ‘She read off cue cards!’ Everyone — the cast members, the host — everyone reads off cue cards. That’s how it’s done, because they change the script right before, so you have to read off cue cards.”

The prep required for such a task is no small feat, she added, though it pays off in the end. “It’s a very hard thing to do,” she says. “It was very fun — one of the best weeks of my life. It was a lot of rehearsal, a lot of work leading up to it, and it’s difficult. Live performances are its own thing, but it’s a wonderful thing. It takes a lot of energy.”


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