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Both Nicollette Sheridan and Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry have finished their juicy testimony in the actress’ wrongful termination suit that’s playing out in downtown Los Angeles, so other players are now taking the stage. Today, Sheridan’s entertainment lawyer Neil Meyer took the stand and told the court that the former Desperate Housewives actress was afraid she’d lose her job after an encounter where Cherry allegedly struck her on the head, on set. Sheridan is seeking $6 million in damages for her eventual termination, which she says happened in retaliation for complaining about the incident with Cherry.

While on the stand today, Sheridan’s lawyer Meyer characterized Cherry as a “vindictive man.” (That remark was eventually struck from the record, at the request of Cherry’s lawyer.) He also explained that Sheridan has been willing to move on from the situation. “We weren’t looking to ABC/Disney to do anything,” Meyer said during questioning, “because Nicollette was concerned about retaliation. Marc Cherry had apologized, and she was prepared to put her head down and go back to work. Nicollette was upset, but she was also worried about her job.”

An official investigation into the incident by ABC human resources — which never questioned Sheridan or Cherry directly — found that Sheridan “was not mistreated.” Sheridan previously said in court that she did not respond to the letter notifying her of the concluded investigation, and Meyer expounded on that. “It was a self-serving letter, and I don’t respond to self-serving letters,” said Meyer, of the letter. “Nicollette had already decided that she would get through this and go back to work.”

Meyer also told the court today that Sheridan hasn’t been able to find work — or secure an agent — “for several years” since being fired from Desperate Housewives. Sheridan has worked since departing the ABC soap, though, on both a Hallmark movie and a CBS pilot. (Additional reporting by Terry Schermerhorn)

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