I usually don’t worry about watching the Women Tell All episode before I write this blog, but this year I had to because to be honest, there were some segments I don’t quite remember. My son was nice enough to give me his cold so I started the day worried about losing my voice, but by the end of the show I was desperately trying not to pass out. I’d like to apologize to the ladies, the audience and the crew, as I had to hold up production for about forty-five minutes while I “regrouped.” By “regrouped” I mean lying down backstage on a couch with ice on my head, trying to remain conscious. What made this worse was the timing. I felt terrible all day, but it really hit me right when Courtney came out to join me. Honestly, I don’t remember much of what she said that first segment so I was glad to go back and watch that interview as well as the entire show. Turns out, I’m a pretty good interviewer in a semiconscious state.

I feel like you got a really got a good feeling for exactly how the show went down in the studio. The ladies jumped on Blakeley right away, but she stood her ground and seemed to be able to smooth things over. Things were hectic from the first moments, but what got the biggest reaction from the audience and the ladies involved Samantha. Most people don’t even remember she was on the show, but she sure had an opinion on everybody and everything. That is until Brittney rightfully put her in her place by calling her a chihuahua. This brought thunderous applause and laughter from everyone in the studio, including myself.

I was very happy that Shawntel came back to talk to me. She got very emotional while watching the video of what happened that night; she was really hurt by the things that were said about her. I’m very glad the women saw the error of their ways and for the most part backpedaled and apologized for their actions. I know she didn’t handle everything perfectly, but she didn’t deserve what she got and I’m happy she ended up getting the apologies she did deserve.

Emily was one of the more interesting interviews I had that night. It was tough to get her back in that emotional space where she was on the show. She’s very much over Ben. She had many revelations while watching the show and it’s safe to say she’s learned a lot about herself and what she’s looking for in the future. Nikki was a little different. She was immediately taken back to that emotional space, and I could see the emotion in her eyes. She truly fell in love with Ben and was badly hurt when he said goodbye. That said, I was so impressed to see that she really turned this whole experience into a positive. She’s proved to herself that she can love again after her divorce and she’s ready to find that in her life. The biggest surprise of the night was learning that Kacie B. really didn’t realize her hometown date is what sunk her relationship with Ben. She knows this now, but at the time she really had no idea. This goes to show that the women really only know how their individual relationships are going. They have no perspective on how the other hometown dates went or how the other relationships are progressing compared to theirs.

The big topic at the WTA was obviously Courtney. I’m not going to defend or attack her in this blog, but what I will do is tell you what I noticed. The women had no idea she was going to be there, so they felt free to speak their minds, and they certainly did. You already heard everything that was said so I just want to fast forward to the moment that she came out. First of all, she was scared to death and shaking like a leaf. I could feel and see how vulnerable she was. At first she was doing what I think was just an average job trying to convey what she wanted to say. But it was the second segment that I really want to get your thoughts on. There was a point when it seemed like all the women were yelling and attacking her at the same time. In that moment, she completely stopped and utterly broke down. Again, I’m not justifying anything, but one thing I noticed is that really, she’s a very fragile little girl. At that moment she just lost it and I felt like she was really speaking from the heart. Now the question I have for you is, Did you buy it? Did you believe her words and her apology were sincere? This is a debate that will continue this week as we head into the finale.

Just to give you a programming note so you can plan all your Bachelor finale parties, next Monday night will be a three-hour finale. The first two hours will be the actual finale from Switzerland, and that will lead right into the one-hour After the Final Rose special. I’d love to hear your thoughts so hit me up on Twitter @chrisbharrison and make sure to check out our official website for exclusive blogs and more

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