Andrew Bird

If you’re the type who writes letters to NYT puzzlemaster and NPR regular Will Shortz, or the type who calls Will Shortz a “puzzlemaster,” then you’re likely aware that literate indie-popster Andrew Bird is dropping his new album Break It Yourself today.

So what can fans expect? Well, the record — Bird’s first since 2009’s Noble Beast — finds the folk maestro clutching less tightly to his beloved violin. To wit: lead single “Eyeoneye,” a melodically straightforward rocker with a riff that will keep playing in your head long after the song’s over. Also: whistling!

And to help get you excited about this, the track now has an official video, which you can see exclusively here. The clip is an excerpt from Bird’s performance film Here’s What’s Happened, available for free on iTunes as of today. Check out the “Eyeoneye” video below: