Credit: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

Olivia Munn and Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks are the latest female stars to deal with alleged naked photo leaks. Both actresses deny the shots, which hit the Internet over the weekend, are of them.

Munn’s rep tells EW Munn’s phone was not hacked. That echoes Munn’s only statement on the matter, which she posted to Twitter Sunday night: “If you ever hacked my phone, these are the pictures you’d find:” The link leads to photos of a large baby and a cat reading.

Hendricks’ phone was hacked, her rep confirms. But while some of the leaked photos of her wearing lingerie are real, the topless shot is most definitely not, the rep claims. “Christina’s phone was in fact hacked and photos were stolen. The proper authorities have been contacted in hopes of rectifying this unfortunate situation. The topless image is fake and not an image of Christina,” the rep says in a statement.

While the racy photo leak trend began with young starlets — remember Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus — in recent years, established actresses have found themselves targets. Scarlett Johansson, whose email was allegedly hacked along with Jessica Alba’s and Christina Aguilera’s and others, joked to Vanity Fair last fall about her photo scandal. “I know my best angles,” she said. “They were sent to my husband [now ex Ryan Reynolds]. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not like I was shooting a porno… Although there’s nothing wrong with that either.”