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Tonight’s first-season finale of The Lying Game has a lot to live up to. Last week ended with a sudden proposal announcement and revelations of cheating that broke good twin Emma Becker’s heart. (Did I mention Emma’s beau cheated on her with her identitical twin?) With one relationship seemingly in tatters and another flourishing under questionable circumstances, EW got the full scoops from a series insider.

Blair Redford plays Ethan Whitehorse, a.k.a. the point of the twins’ (both played by Alexandra Chando) love triangle. In addition to an exclusive sneak peek of The Lying Game‘s most packed, jaw-dropping episode yet, Redford explained how Ethan fits into the pre-wedding preparations and revealed what really went down during a recent steamy love scene between Ethan and Emma.

As EW’s Sandra Gonzalez shared in Friday’s Spoiler Room, Ethan isn’t giving up on his relationship with Emma just yet. That said, things surely went south last week when he revealed that his feelings for Sutton remained “complicated.” Also complicated? Choreographing a love scene. “We obviously didn’t plan it out too well,” laughed Redford of the shoot for last week’s episode-ending sequence. “On the first or second take, when I laid [Alex] down on the bed, she fell off the side. I was kissing her, and I wasn’t looking where I was laying her down, so I pretty much plopped her down on the floor in her underwear.” After a round of giggles, the actors regained their composure and got back to making out. All in a day’s work!

As for the show’s other main couple, the newly engaged shady D.A. Alec Rybak (Adrian Pasdar) and scheming Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter), Redford cryptically teased the some huge secrets will be pivotal to tonight’s episode. “A lot will be revealed… as to exactly why [the wedding is] happening — there might be more than meets the eye.” Redford added that Ethan, “assists in getting some answers as to what Rebecca and Alec are up to.”

As for what happens when and if the mysterious pulls off the quickie “I do,” that’s still very much up in the air. A season 2 order still isn’t confirmed, but Redford has some ideas about where he’d like Ethan to go. He wants his character to finish school and sign up for the Scottsdale police force alongside his brother, Dan Whitehorse (Tyler Christopher). Redford would like to see “CSI-type stuff… Dan and Ethan Whitehorse cruising around in a cop car in Scottsdale — a little more action, a little more violence!” You’ll have to stay tuned for that one.

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The Lying Game airs on ABC Family tonight at 9 p.m. ET.

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