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The characters on ABC’s Once Upon a Time sure have a lot to deal with these days, and two characters’ troubles are going to send them right to the couch of the town’s resident psychologist, Archie Hopper (Raphael Sbarge).

“David’s got problems,” star Josh Dallas told the crowd during the Once panel at PaleyFest, after it was revealed that David and Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) would be soon seeking therapy from the doc, who also currently treats young Henry (Jared Gilmore). “He’s got a lot of things he’s trying to figure out. He was in a coma for 28 years…he’s trying to figure out why he doesn’t love [his wife] the way he used to, the way he’s suppose to, and his feelings for Mary Margaret.”

Currently, David’s wife, Kathryn, has mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind a car and a trail of suspects. In tonight’s episode, screened for the crowd, the investigation intensifies as Emma (Jennifer Morrison) learns David might be more involved than he first let on. This storyline, producers said, will play out for a few episodes.

Toward the end of the season, fans can look forward to the arrival of Barbara Hershey as the Evil Queen’s mother, Cora, in episode 18. “When you see her and the way she speaks to Regina, the character she played in Black Swan will look weak,” co-creator Edward Kitsis told EW on the red carpet before the panel. Fellow creator Adam Horowitz added: “We’ve been saying on the show that evil isn’t born, it’s made. And you’re going to see how that happened for Regina.”

At least two other bombshell reveals will be made in the episode. For one, the audience will find out why the Evil Queen hates Snow so much, and (possibly on a related note?) Regina will have one line in the episode about her background that will make fans “realize she has a very interesting connection to a certain somebody in our world,” Kitsis said.

Meanwhile, Lana Parrilla joked that among all the evil-doing, she made sure she and Hershey shared “one Beaches moment.” “It’s really cute,” she told EW before the event. “I’m sure it won’t standout to the audience, but it did for me. We just, as girls, got really excited. We had one fun moment together.”

Speaking of fun, Jennifer Morrison sang the praises of dearly departed Sheriff Graham (Jaime Dornan), with whom Emma shared a kiss before he was killed earlier this season. But the producers teased that we possibly haven’t seen the last of the hottie hipster sheriff. “He’s still very much alive when we go back to fairy tale land, so who knows,” Kitsis said.

Other notables from the panel:

+ Just because Giancarlo Esposito (who plays Mr. Glass/Magic Mirror) booked a pilot doesn’t mean his fate is up in the air on Once Upon a Time. If his show does get picked up, Kitsis and Horowitz said they’re confident they could retain him in some way. The schedule juggling they did while working with the cast of Lost helped prepare them for anything.

+ Of a possible return from Kristin Bauer as Maleficent, Kitsis said, “I think it’d be disappointing if we never saw her again.”

+ When speaking about the Storybrooke curse, Ginnifer Goodwin revealed that the creators had shared some answers with her and “it makes perfect sense.”

+ All questions about The Stranger will be answered before the end of the season, and Horowitz admitted that of all the theories he’s read online about it, “someone’s got it right.”

Fan moment of the afternoon:

A British grandmother took the mic during the fan Q&A portion and thanked Josh Dallas for helping her almost-12-year-old granddaughter “move on from Justin Bieber.”

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