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Before you get upset about the title of this post, hear me out: I stole it from one of you, who promised in the comments to last Sunday’s Being Human Q&A that by episode 3, Damien Molony’s posh new vampire Hal would have us asking “Aidan who?” in reference to Aidan Turner’s dearly departed, long-loved bloodsucker John Mitchell. I just think it happened a week earlier. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not foolishly saying that Mitchell wasn’t Being Human’s cornerstone for the last three years (he was), that I don’t love him (I do), or that I’m glad he’s gone (I’m not). But the hole left by the death of Mitchell—and his then best friend, George—closed up for me yesterday night… [If you haven’t watched last night’s Being Human on BBC America, rentaghost to another post immediately if you don’t like spoilers] …right around the moment when Hal finally met Tom and Annie.

If the point of last week’s premiere was to say goodbye to George, establish werewolf Tom and ghost Annie as the protectors of “war child” Baby Eve, and introduce Hal, then episode 2 was about bringing Tom, Annie, and Hal together to reestablish Being Human’s werewolf-ghost-vampire holy trinity. Hal, a very old, apparently once very vicious vampire, has spent the last 55 years dry and living above an Essex barbershop with his best friends Leo (a werewolf) and Pearl (a ghost). Then Leo, who is dying, hears the voice of an “angel”—presumably the mysterious Girl in Yellow from 2037, who might be the grown up Baby Eve, but also wants to kill Baby Eve—that instructs him to go to Barry where a werewolf and a ghost are caring for an infant who could save his life.

But Baby Eve has no such powers and Leo does die, taking Pearl, who declared her 50-plus year love for him, to the other side, and leaving Hal to live with Tom and Annie. I assume this was the Girl in Yellow’s plan all along: But was it so that Hal, who can read the skin scroll, will be there to protect Baby Eve when the Old Ones finally arrive in the U.K. or because he’s the supernatural most likely to bite her face off? My guess is the latter—which nearly happens when the Girl in Yellow appears on the TV coaxing Hal to “do it” while he’s holding the infant—but the former is what actually happens. After Leo’s death, grief sends bloodthirsty Hal to Eve’s crib (where he is intercepted by Tom) and then to attack the owner of a local pawnshop (where he is intercepted by Tom and Annie). But then when he’s back at Honolulu Heights, safely ensconced on the couch with a cup of Annie’s black tea, he admits that he really wants the skin scroll’s prophecy to be true and that he hopes Baby Eve is the war child who will wipe out vampires forever.

NEXT: Mitchell vs. Hal vs. Tom vs. George

So, like Mitchell, Hal is a complex, self-hating vamp, but that’s where their similarities end. First off, he wears his shirts buttoned up to his Adam’s apple. He’s about as charismatic as death. And no one could ever accuse just-scruffy-enough-to-be-sexy Mitchell of having OCD the way Hal, with his “systems” and fear of gas stations on the left side of the road, obviously does. But Hal has his own charms—sensitivity to Annie’s pain, 55-plus years on the wagon, loyalty to Leo, a very pretty face, and I’m sure we’ll discover more. He also has a different relationship with Tom than Mitchell did with George. Where the latter two were diehard friends to the end, Hal and Tom respect the vampire-werewolf feud while begrudgingly having each other’s backs—if only out of decency and mutual respect for Annie. (Also, the mini-clashes between Tom, who grew up in the woods, and Hal, who was alive during the coronation, gave rise to many of last night’s best lines.)

That brings me to Tom. You may not like Tom as much as George. You may not even like him as much as Nina. But if you outright hate Tom, I suggest you do some serious soul searching. Besides Annie, he’s one of Being Human’s only honest-to-goodness kindhearted supernaturals. George was a great guy (and my favorite character on the show)—but it was Tom who offered to kill George and then let Nina slay him so that they wouldn’t hurt her or her unborn baby when the trio was forced into a dogfight last season. I don’t remember George coming up with any self-sacrificing ideas. Plus, Tom refuses to kill anyone in Annie’s house or in front of Baby Eve. That’s pretty sweet. He also has ninja-like reflexes. And that’s pretty helpful—especially considering that the Old Ones are on their way and new baddie vamp Cutler is planning something “big” that involves the video footage he took of Tom and George transforming.

Now that Griffin’s death has left Wales’ vampires without a leader, Cutler and Fergus are both after the top spot, yet Cutler is the real guy to fear. Fergus may know Hal (as we find out at the episode’s end) and eventually hunt him down. He may also have an entourage of vampire henchmen and be planning an offense of “fists and fangs.” But Cutler is smart, suave, sophisticated and inclined not just to violence but intense cruelty. He’s like vamp hero Ivan—but evil, shorter, and not Welsh. He also has an intense streak of self-preservation—witness how he snuck away during the premiere’s epic battle between Tom, Annie, and George and the vampires at Stokers. Plus, Griffin implied last week that someone very important, who is no longer around, turned Cutler into a vampire—which I’m guessing is either Hal or upcoming über Old One Mr. Snow.

NEXT: Coming up on Being Human and this blog…

What’s on the agenda for next week? Now that Annie, Tom, and Hal are under one roof, it’s time to focus on Baby Eve and test the loyalties of her three protectors. [Spoiler-phobes, skip to the next paragraph] One roomie is going to try to run away, and another is going to get splattered with ketchup. Fergus is going to be back in Hal’s life and Ron Weasley’s dad (aka Regus) will be back in Annie’s. There will be shoplifting, werewolf hunting, burger-flipping, and the death of an innocent human. There will also be some really weird sex and some weirder poetry—lots and lots of poetry.

And rather than hearing only from me, over the next six weeks, creator Toby Whitehouse and actors Andrew Gower (little baddie Cutler), Craig Roberts (returning vamp Adam), and Mark Gatiss (big baddie Mr. Snow) will be joining us to dissect Being Human, just as Michael Socha (Tom), Lenora Crichlow (Annie), and Damien Molony (Hal) did after the premiere. Thus, if you have any plot-related questions you’d like answered, put them in the comments below.

So, Being Human fans, what are your thoughts on Tom and Hal? Is the Girl in Yellow also Baby Eve? Is Hal staying at Honolulu Heights to perform good deeds or bad ones? What is Cutler up to? And, most importantly, how do you feel about season 4?

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