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When actors tell you that everybody on a movie set was delightful, and generous, and just an all-around pleasure to work with, one often assumes they’re lying (or at least leaving out that time the actor called his leading lady crazy and she accused him of being a drunk). But one gets the honest sense that the cast and crew director Gary Ross assembled on North Carolina set of The Hunger Games last summer honest-to-God enjoyed one another from start to finish. At the wrap party, Jennifer Lawrence, who plays series heroine Katniss Everdeen, delivered a tearful toast in which she told the emotional room “I know it’s weird, but I love everyone of you guys.'”

Of course it’s never all work making a movie. At the end of their long 100 degree days, the place to be was Lenny Kravitz’s room, a tradition that first kicked off on Stanley Tucci’s first night in town. “We had dinner together and we ended up hanging out in my room,” says Kravitz, who plays Katniss’ deeply cool and compassionate stylist Cinna.

“From then on it’s funny,” he says. “We’d work all day and then we’d all end up in my room at night.” The usual group included the likes of Kravitz, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Tucci, Josh Hutcherson, and director Gary Ross. “Just hanging out,” says Kravitz. “I would dj on my iTunes from my computer and we’d listen to music all night and talk about art.”

“That is where it happened,” says Harrelson of the informal Kravitz clubhouse. “I remember going up there and all of us sitting around talking and Lenny would put on this incredible music. You can just imagine him dj’ing! Then he had these racks of all these different clothes for his stage show, and also I suppose some of them just for him in life, they’re all hung up on roller racks. So we’re all trying on the different jackets and shirts and clothes and taking pictures and laughing. I mean, I’m telling you, this is a great group.” I want to go to there.

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