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Fans might have gotten a hint that Lucy Liu won’t be sticking around for another season of Southland after being booked in CBS’s new pilot. But that’s probably the smallest part of the puzzle. How she exits, is likely to be the issue that has the audience abuzz. “You’re going to see a lot of controversy in the last few episodes of this season for my character and her partner [played by Michael Cudlitz],” she tells EW. “They are going have a little bit of conflict and I think that’s going to be jarring because they have to still ride together, they have to communicate and work together, and they are still each other’s first line of defense when on this dangerous job. We might be fighting but we still have to keep each other from getting killed.”

Without getting into specifics, Liu says the argument has to do with decisions and judgment. “I don’t think you can say that either one is right or wrong; it’s just two points of view. It’s not trying to tell you what is the right opinion. It leaves it up to the viewer and the audience to form their own opinion,” she says. “I don’t think they’re going to be totally thrilled about what happens, but it isn’t shying away from the conflict and I love that choice.”

Meanwhile, Ben McKenzie (who stopped by this week to hang out on my Spoiler couch!) told me his character also finds himself making questionable decisions after a case involving a young girl, who’s being lured onto the street by her prostitute mother and pimp father, hits him close to home and possibly causes him to “go over a line.” “He does things that are completely insane and it’s going to be cool to see the reaction to that… There’s a very dramatic end to the season.” (More from our chat soon!)


Sandra, I know this isn’t totally TV-related, but I loved your chat with John Francis Daley and his writing partner [Jonathan Goldstein] about the Vacation movie! But what does this mean for him on Bones? — Michelle

Though the lab can sometimes be a dangerous place (R.I.P. Vincent Nigel Murray), Daley was fairly confident when I spoke with him that Sweets would be back next season (which the show has yet to be officially picked up for) — despite his insanely busy behind the scenes. “I spoke to [creator] Hart Hanson, who’s been so supportive. I’m optimistic things will work out, as they tend to do — as long as the scheduling goes according to plan. But who knows what will happen to Sweets,” he says.

These past 3 episodes of #HIMYM have been great. — @mksystem74

They sure have. And there’s plenty more goodies to come. How can I be TOTALLY sure? In an upcoming episode where Lily’s in labor (that will air before the finale!) the gang will distract Lily from the pain of labor by telling her stories. Twenty-two stories to be exact — yes, math-letes, that’s one for every minute of airtime! And I’m told the stories are as random as can be and take place at different times during the gang’s time together — and apart.

Sandra, Mary, and Marshall are a hoot to watch on In Plain Sight. Will we find out what happens to her sister, the runaway bride? And will Mary find her father? Thanks for all your work with the spoilers you provide. — Abby

The season opener will definitely answer the sister part of the equation, and, actually, what happens on that front is going to put Mary in a fairly difficult situation. Meanwhile, I intend to post the second part of your question to star Mary McDonald herself when she stops by the EW offices soon. And if you, or any other In Plain Sight fans have questions for her as we head into the show’s final season, be sure to shoot them my way!

Any last minute intel on The Lying Game before they close the curtain on season 1 this Monday? — Bruce

The night’s big reveal ending is a goodie and will leave us with one HUGE question as we exit the season! And on an unrelated matter, Blair Redford promises Ethan’s not done trying to get back in Emma’s good graces. “It’s obvious that Ethan doesn’t quit very easily. If there’s something he wants, he goes after it. Even though it seems like she made herself pretty clear, he’s going to make one more push for her [in the season finale].”

Hi Sandra! I loved the Parenthood season finale last night, but I’m nervous that they seemed to have wrapped up each story line quickly and neatly… kind of like you would if it were a series finale. Any good news about a season 4? Speaking of a season 4… I read that Josh Hopkins was cast in a new show for the fall. Noooo! What does that mean for the fate of Cougar Town? — Jen

The odds aren’t looking good for the Cul-de-sac Crew, according to Lynette Rice and James Hibberd’s TV Death Watch. Thankfully, they’re more hopeful about a return for Parenthood — as am I — and so is former recurring player Michael B. Jordan, who is starring in creator Jason Katim’s new medical drama pilot, County. And should his friends return for another season, Jordan tells me he wouldn’t mind a visit back! “I would definitely be open to that. I never close any doors,” he says. “If Alex could come back in the right manner and had some interesting things to bring to the table, I wouldn’t mind jumping back into his shoes again. Alex was a cool guy. He had a lot going on but he had a good heart, and I think that’s why a lot of people related to him.”

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I just read that Natalie Zea was cast in Kevin Williamson’s new pilot. Are they killing off Winona!? If you can’t say, anything you can say about the Justified finale? — Ellen

Well, what I have to say about the finale won’t soothe you one bit. As the season comes to a close, someone will, in fact, be killed. And while executive producer Graham Yost won’t say who, he shares: “It provides an engine for Raylan to get the bad guy. That becomes the drive for the last episode. The last episode is get Quarles. I’ll tell you that. How that plays out with Quarles, and Raylan, and Limehouse, and Boyd, and Arlo — that’s our season.” Yeah, things aren’t looking good for Raylan’s squeeze. Although, EW’s Mandi Bierly, who does weekly chats with Yost, theorizes Zea might be safer than we think, considering Yost assured her earlier this season that the pregnancy would not be threatened. “We talked about it, but we quickly made the decision that we don’t want to get into that territory…. We’re not gonna put a gun to her belly, and we’re not gonna have her in a car accident or anything like that,” he said at the time. Let the theorizing begin!

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