Meth Head

The first time moviegoers saw Lukas Haas was when he was the 9-year-old Amish boy in Witness, and ever since then we’ve watched him grow up.

The haunted little boy in Lady in White (1988), the alien-fighting teen in Mars Attacks! (1996), and the imperious drug kingpin known as The Pin in Brick (2005) are just a few of his memorable roles. But now he’s taking the lead in the new indie drama Meth Head, as a young man who falls into a Shame-like spiral after getting hooked on the stuff that makes even the most clean-cut souls break bad.

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The movie, from first time feature writer-director Jane Clark, stars Haas as Kyle, a 30-something overloaded with regret who turns to drugs and self-destruction just as it seems his life is coming together. “I am gonna quit, you know. I just don’t need my family telling me when and how,” he says. “They’re half the problem anyway.”

The movie co-stars Necar Zadegan (Dalia Hassan on 24) as Kyle’s fellow user and confidante, Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan) as her step-brother, Scott Patterson (Gilmore Girls) as Kyle’s disapproving father. Blake Berris (Days of Our Lives) plays Kyle’s best friend in addiction, while Theo Rossi (Juice on Sons of Anarchy) plays the drug dealer, and Wilson Cruz (My So-Called Life) as his lover, who questions whether he’s worth fighting for. John W. McLaughlin, was the inspiration for the story, co-stars in the film as Bobby Blue, a recovering addict. The music is by Tears For Fears’ Curt Smith.

Meth Head does not yet have a distributor, but is aiming for a festival debut later this year.

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Meth Head
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