Daytime’s worlds-colliding moment continues today when Kassie DePaiva brings her One Life to Live character Blair Cramer to General Hospital. The Llanview diva, last seen on the OLTL finale in January, is heading to Port Charles because her daughter Starr Manning (Kristen Alderson) was in a devastating car accident that appears to have killed Starr’s own child and boyfriend in an episode that aired last week.

“If you are a One Life to Live fan, you know that Blair is mama bear. Anything that her children needs, she is there,” says DePaiva. “When Blair arrives, she’s only aware of the car accident. She’s unaware of the fallout of that accident and the drama and the sadness that unfolds.”

Blair’s not the only one riding into town to support Starr. Blair’s on-again/off-again love interest/father of her children Todd Manning (Roger Howarth) is right behind her. OLTL‘s John McBain (Michael Easton) will also be showing up. And even though the last time we saw Blair and Todd together they were in bed having reaffirmed their love, Todd’s arrest straight out of said bed — for murdering his brother (father of one of Blair’s other kids) — means she is not welcoming him with open arms.

“Blair is not happy to see him and does not want him to come in and upset her daughter any more than he’d already done. Blair is there to protect Starr on all fronts,” says DePaiva. But as a parental unit, Blair and Todd are a force to be reckoned with and a certain hot-headed mob boss who may or may not be responsible for the accident should be concerned.

“We’re there to protect our daughter and get to the bottom of what really happened,” she says. “Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) name is mentioned as the cause and obviously Todd is not gonna take that laying down.”

While that meeting is sure to be spark-filled, the one fans are really looking forward to is that of Blair and Port Charles’ resident tempestuous blond, Carly (Laura Wright).

“They make a lasting impression on each other. They meet under interesting circumstances without knowing who the other person is. Within the arc of that story of that episode, they find out about each other as the fans do,” says DePaiva. “Blair and Carly are very similar in their fire and passion. So when you watch these two women come together, it’s not what you expect. I think the fans are really going to enjoy it. It’s just good soap opera.”