''Suzanne was the first to say, 'Okay, you've got to be economical about the time that we have,''' says producer Nina Jacobson. Here's what fell by the wayside on ''The Hunger Games''' journey to the screen


1. Madge
In the book, it’s the daughter of District 12’s mayor who sends Katniss off to the Games with her Mockingjay pin. In the movie, the iconic piece of jewelry is a gift from Katniss’ sister, Prim. ”You have so little time to establish these characters,” says Jacobson. ”So if Madge has to get thrown under the bus so you can make sure that an audience who hasn’t read the books understands the devotion between Katniss and Prim, then that’s what you do.”

2. More than a glimpse of the Avoxes
Don’t expect any lingering scenes between Katniss and the Avox servant girl in the Capitol. ”We have Avoxes, but we don’t digress in the film,” says director Gary Ross. ”I think it’s a wonderful way to populate the world, but there are just certain [cutbacks] that have to happen.”

3. …Or the prep team
We’ll meet Katniss’ stylists Octavia, Flavius, and Venia in this film but will have to wait to really get to know them. ”We agreed that the main thing is to establish Cinna,” says Jacobson. ”So we had to sort of borrow from Peter to pay Paul.”

4. Capitol gadgetry
Those cool futuristic elements of Collins’ Capitol world, such as the ability to press a button to make food appear? They’re not in the movie. ”We didn’t want the Capitol to appear too fanciful,” says Jacobson. ”It has to appear ominous and threatening. The Capitol has to be a mind-blowing experience, but it can’t be Whoville.”

The Hunger Games

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