Chris Harrison has seen it all: tears, romantic gestures, Bachelor Ben Flajnik's butt. We asked him about some pressing issues

By Jessica Shaw
Updated March 02, 2012 at 05:00 AM EST

Let’s begin with the most troubling aspect of this season: Ben’s hair. Discuss.
The first thing I said to Ben when we started taping was ”Is this what we’re going with?” I was kind of joking and kind of not. I’m all for strapping him down and shaving his head. I think about halfway through the season [the hairstylist] just gave up.

Between Bentley and Wes on The Bachelorette and Courtney on The Bachelor this season, there seems to be a disturbing trend of casting a ”bad boy/girl” each season. Is that intentional?
There are definitely the Bentleys, who you know are going to [evoke] certain feelings, but I didn’t know Courtney was going to be so polarizing. She wasn’t the most popular person in the house, but it wasn’t such a big deal at the time. It’s something that really fed on itself as the show aired.

Let’s say Ben proposes to Courtney in the finale. Could a proposal to a villain bring down the franchise?
Sure, it could. The show’s been around for 10 years, so who’s to say what will take it down? Or maybe nothing will — it might be like a cockroach and survive the Third World War. But the people who hate something or say, ”I’ll never watch” are the first ones watching next season.

Did the show have to pay royalties to Sex and the City after Courtney borrowed a line from the series finale during her mock wedding vows?
I love our fans. Seconds after she said it on the East Coast, I got about 500 tweets about it. I don’t care. If you like the line, why can’t you borrow it?

Courtney took heat for showing up at Ben’s hotel room to go skinny-dipping. Is seeing the Bachelor during unsanctioned times against the rules?
Not at all. In fact, I tell the women early on that whenever, wherever you get a chance to spend time with him, you should. But there’s this unwritten code of conduct among most women, and you don’t cross that line.

Some of these women seem less than stable. Are they evaluated by a therapist before being accepted to be on the show?
There’s a drug test, STD test, psych profiles, background checks. It’s probably easier to get a government job than it is to get on this show. I know people think we go out and find crazies, but that’s not the case.

One of our readers commented that you look younger every season. Any truth that you found the Fountain of Youth by bathing in bachelorette tears?
That is true. Every time I make a woman cry, I get five years younger.

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