Hunger Games Katniss Gale
Credit: Murray Close

The Hunger Games won’t be in theaters for another three weeks, but early tracking reports suggest that when the film does open, its box office receipts will be gargantuan.

According to a set of tracking numbers floating around Hollywood, 23 percent of people list the film as their “First Choice” and 54 percent claim “Definite Interest.” Those are undeniably impressive numbers for a film a few weeks away.

Some forecasts are predicting the film will take in $70 million (the original Twilight opened to $69.6 million in 2008), while others guess it may reach $75 million, but I think those are pretty conservative estimates. Considering the three Hunger Games books currently take up the Top 3 spots on the New York Times Best-sellers List and appeal to many more men than the Twilight books do, I believe an opening in the $80-100 million range seems more likely.

Do you think The Hunger Games will be gigantic out of the gate?

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