Like Katy Perry’s “Firework” or Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” K’Naan’s new single “Is Anybody Out There” has a love-yourself, screw-the-haters message.

It made sense, then, that K’Naan, Furtado, and director Chris Robinson (Nicki Minaj’s “Moment 4 Life,” Jay-Z’s “’03 Bonnie & Clyde”) would tell an “It Gets Better”-style story in the video for the track, which just premiered today. Give it a spin below.

OK, so let’s see if we can walk through the dual narratives here. Mary gets yelled at by a convenience store clerk, stares at some kids through the windows of a restaurant, then spends the rest of the video walking.

Meanwhile, Adam calls about a drug deal, plays a lot of video games, then rides his bicycle to purchase said drugs only to find that his dad (who left the house shortly after Adam) is actually buying drugs from the same people.

Here’s the first question: Huh?

The glaringly obvious pieces of ridiculousness in the video are myriad. That image of Mary sitting alone on a playground? Priceless. Adam using the phrase “I’m trying to get elevated”? It’s been a while since anybody here at EW has been a teenager, but it’s certain that no kid in the history of language has ever uttered that phrase outside of the context of ’90s movies about the Internet.

But is this clip meant to be the first part of a trilogy or something? We’re given almost no context for Mary, and Adam plays video games and does drugs. If this is supposed to be an “It Gets Better” type of video, how does it get better for Mary? And what’s the next scene like for Adam and his drug-buying dad?

Weren’t you expecting Mary and Adam to find each other, letting the world know that outcasts are never alone? “Is Anybody Out There” introduces an awful lot of ideas and doesn’t follow through on them. It’s a bummer, because the set-up is pretty juicy and the performances are strong. Still, at least we’ve got Furtado.

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