By Ray Rahman
Updated March 01, 2012 at 04:38 PM EST

Fans looking forward to Adam Lambert’s forthcoming album Trespassing might have even more to look forward to (and we’re not just talking about Queen shows).

Thanks to a newly settled lawsuit, Colwel Platinum Entertainment has won the right to release the American Idol runner-up’s pre-Idol album Beg for Mercywith or without Lambert’s approval.

The company claimed that Lambert made a false claim under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in order to have take the album off its digital shelves. But after taking the matter to court, Colwel prevailed; according to a new statement from the group:

“The Colwel Platinum Entertainment lawsuit against Adam Lambert has been resolved. Adam has withdrawn any objections to the release of Beg For Mercy and he has approved the use of his songs and performances in these pre-Idol recordings which are interpretations of his artistic vision at the time. Neither Colwel Platinum Entertainment, Inc. nor Malcolm Welsford ever stated that Adam was not eligible to participate in American Idol when he did so and regret that the lawsuit’s allegations were misinterpreted.”So, there you have it: more Adam Lambert for all.