Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Attention Survivor fans! Tonight at 7:40p.m. ET, former contestant Eliza Orlins will be joining us for a live chat on in time to discuss the latest episode of Survivor: One World. Just like John Cochran and Rob Cesternino did for the first two episodes, Eliza will be taking your questions and adding her running commentary to all the latest happenings in the South Pacific.

Eliza is a veteran of Survivor‘s Vanuatu and Micronesia seasons. That means she’s perfectly suited to comment on the happenings taking place on One World, which like 2004’s Vanuatu also features tribes split along gender lines. Unlike the women on One World, however, Eliza’s Yasur tribe proved quite successful and consistently dominated the men. Eliza ultimately came in fourth, but her dizzying strategy and criss-crossed alliances proved her to be a shoo-in for the Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites round in 2007. Sensing that she was a master strategist, the Favorites tribe was going to vote her out in the very first tribal council, but her unlikely savior proved to be Jonny Fairplay when he asked to be voted out so he could be with his pregnant girlfriend. Ultimately, she was the ninth castaway to get the boot and the first jury member. Today, she’s working as a public defender in New York City.

Eliza’s going to weigh in on what the women need to do to bolster their game against the men, plus she’ll help us figure out the difference between Tarzan and Troyzan — and how on earth Kat was able to talk her out of being voted out. See you tonight at 7:40!