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After years of heartbreak and torrid affairs with pretty cellists, it’s finally happened: Crosby and Jasmine are man and wife. But while last night’s emotionally gratifying finale definitively closed some long-open doors, there are still plenty of unanswered questions lingering over the Braverman family.

EW was on set earlier this month with the entire cast as they shot the on-again, off-again couple’s nuptials. Though NBC has yet to pick up the beloved family drama for a fourth season, Peter Krause, Lauren Graham, Dax Shepard and Co. have a variety of hopes and dreams for their characters, and the show in general. MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

Shepard made it clear that although selling The Luncheonette would lead to a big payout, he doesn’t feel that the paycheck is worth it for his character. “I hope that we still have The Luncheonette, and record new musicians there,” he said. “My favorite scenes are always the ones I have with Peter — the best ones I’m in. If I get to work with Peter more and more and more, that would be perfect for me.”

Of course, since it’s Dax freaking Shepard, he had to sneak in a dash of sarcasm. “I would like them to get Crosby on a motorcycle,” he quipped. “I had a Ducati for seasons one and two, but they made me sell it. I haven’t had it all year. That’s ridiculous. Hopefully next season I will get a new motorcycle. Let’s hope that they make enough money at The Luncheonette that he can get both, like, a Honda Odyssey and a Ducati. That would be my dream come true next season.”

As for Erika Christensen, she’s hoping for something a little heavier than a motorcycle next year. “What I’ve always loved about [Julia] is [the writers] make her really uncomfortable,” she said. “She thinks she’s so put together and sure of herself, but then they put her in situations that she finds rough. I just want to see her be made uncomfortable again, and we’re going to get it — we’re going to get awkward, don’t-know-how-to-handle-it situations.”

Joy Bryant is looking forward to playing house, but also hopes that a tiny cast expansion will come her way. “[I want to see Crosby and Jasmine] living together and just having this great relationship, and raising this awesome child. I’m not a parent, and Dax isn’t a parent, so I’m excited for us to have more of a dynamic — all three of us together. I would imagine I would have to get pregnant. As long as it’s twins — that would be kind of interesting.”

Monica Potter wants more family members too — but she’s looking backwards instead. “I think for Kristina, on a personal level, I’d like to see more of her family — what the background is,” she said. “I sort of made one up for myself, and I think the writers are listening and helping and doing it, creating a back-story for her. [Adam and Kristina] are going to have more struggles. That it’s going to be not easy, especially as Max gets older. He’s going through puberty, he’s changing, he’s developing into a young man. There are going to be a lot of ups and downs. Hopefully they’ll keep [Haddie] around. Who knows, maybe she won’t go to Cornell. I would love it if she stayed home.”

Lauren Graham is hoping that the writers will focus less on her family life. “I think Sarah needs to work,” she said. “I care very much about, and I have asked many times: ‘Where is the career? At what point is she just not growing?’ It can’t all be about the guy in her life. Her work needs to be explored.”

If anything, she can look to her thriving TV daughter as inspiration. Mae Whitman doesn’t think that Amber’s political career will continue much longer, but she’s confident that her character will continue to thrive both personally, and professionally. “I think that Amber loves to do music, and I also think that there is a career to be had there,” she said. “That would make sense. She’d be passionate about it. I feel like she’s in a place where she’s balanced, and starting to make more adult decisions. Meeting a guy and having a healthy relationship, for her, would be a really interesting turn. To be able to see her really be vulnerable with somebody would be amazing.”

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