Credit: Malgorzata Saniewska
February 29, 2012 at 06:17 PM EST


This may just be the most outrageous Lady Gaga look of them all: A stripped-down, gimmick-free Stefani Germanotta. has previously unreleased pictures of the crusading pop star in her first photo shoot “Before she was Gaga.”

The photos of a then-19-year-old, which were reportedly taken at her parents apartment on the Upper East Side by Malgorzata Saniewska, a co-worker at the restaurant where she worked at the time, find the pre-Gaga Gaga doing her best Fabulous Baker Boys impression atop a piano in some shots and looking eerily like an early-day Amy Winehouse in others.

“At that time, she gave me a CD of her first single, and I listened to it and I was really impressed. And she’s a beautiful girl. Based on her looks and her personality I thought (a photo shoot) would be great fun,” Saniewska told, adding, “I knew she was a singer, so our focus was her and her very first piano…She’s a good model, obviously.”

While Billy Eichner will no doubt be thrilled to see these images of a subdued Lady Gaga, how do you feel about them? Does it somewhat kill the illusion that she’s an outsider? Would you prefer she go back to this sort of everyday, albeit sultry, pop star look or is Lady Gaga simply not Lady Gaga without the full-on Mother Monster regalia? Or are you, like any New Yorker looking at this, too distracted by how damn nice that apartment is to care about the fact that she’s not wearing meat or sitting in an egg? Share in the comments section below.

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