Is there a feud brewing between American Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe and Fox parent company, News Corp?

One day after News Corp COO Chase Carey spoke to investors about Idol, calling its ratings “disappointing” (“The ratings aren’t what we hoped they would be,” he continued) and insisting that the show “can and should provide fresh energy” following the appearance of new competitors The X Factor and The Voice, Lythgoe took to his Twitter to respond.

Never one to keep his opinions to himself, the executive producer posted: “Maybe if the COO bothers to watch #IDOL tonight he may give us a little more support in the future. Certainly more than he gave us today!!!”

If you were wondering what the folks at News Corp thought of Lythgoe’s Twitter smackdown, you’ll have to use your imagination. When contacted, News Corp representatives had no comment regarding the executive producer’s candid comment. But would Carey change his mind after seeing Tuesday’s show? Perhaps — after all, last night’s top 12 (er, 13) men episode gave the network the highest-rated Tuesday of any network this season. But perhaps not — it still attracted fewer viewers than NCIS.

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