You may not have heard of Carly Rae Jepsen yet, but you probably know her friends.

The starlet, who was recently signed to Justin Bieber’s Schoolboy Records, got a major boost when a grainy video featuring tween dreams like Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale, members of Big Time Rush, and Hannah Montana‘s Moises Arias dancing to Jepsen’s new single “Call Me Maybe” hit the net. In 11 days, the video has netted over 13 million views.

The Disney/Nickelodeon mashup blew up when Bieber tweeted it to his 17.5 million followers, and all the exposure it’s gotten has driven up view counts for Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” video as well.

The clip has more than doubled its views since the dance-party clip exploded, and the song is climbing into iTunes’ Top 10.

Check out both videos below:

The song is a cotton candy fantasy in which Jepsen dreams of a cute boy calling her, and by all accounts, it’s a harmless, silly pop song. Sort of Katy Perry-lite: insubstantial and mostly forgettable — at least that’s what I think.

But lately, a shocking number of my friends have confessed that they, in fact, love the song. I’m talking people in their twenties who would normally be found listening to Rihanna or Bruno Mars, regularly jamming out and dancing to “Call Me Maybe.”

Am I missing something here? Is this actually a pop anthem waiting to break out, or are my friends all brainwashed by the Biebs? After all, it wasn’t until after his endorsements that the song started to catch on with listeners.

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