Julianna Margulies
Credit: John P. Filo/CBS

Sometimes, in life, we have tough decisions to make: Chocolate or vanilla? Peeta or Gale? Linsanity or Tebowing? Or, for TV junkies like us, live TV or DVR?

With the return of midseason TV, our DVRs have been brimming to capacity (yes, I see you, 98% full ticker), and it’s easy to struggle with deciding between competing timeslots. What to choose on Monday nights when How I Met Your Mother faces off against The Bachelor and Alcatraz? Why must I decide between Survivor, American Idol, and One Tree Hill on Wednesdays? I love them the same!

Although each day of the week poses a different heart-wrenching face-off, there is one day that puts us in particular TV agony: Sunday nights, when some of our favorite shows air in the same time slots. While we can’t pit Alicia Florrick into a ring with Bree Van de Kamp and let the winner decide which show we watch (though how much fun would that be?), what we can do is vote. So, PopWatchers, we present a timeslot war poll: On Sunday nights, which TV show gets your undivided, live attention? We know it won’t be easy – hey, maybe you alternate each week depending on the position of the moon – but you can only. Choose. One. Vote below!

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