By Shaunna Murphy
February 28, 2012 at 10:00 PM EST
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The sprawling, intense, but ultimately loving Braverman family has been mercilessly tugging at viewers’ heartstrings for three years. We’ve seen devastating fights, numerous heartbreaks, and, most recently, a last-minute adoption letdown that would make even Crosby shed a tear or two. Thankfully, this infinitely relatable family will end the season with reason to celebrate: Crosby and Jasmine’s long-awaited, but ultimately last minute, backyard wedding.

EW was on set with Peter Krause, Dax Shepard, Joy Bryant and Co., as they filmed the wedding spectacular earlier this month, giving us a front-row seat to the nuptial action. According to the groom, viewers can expect all the standard bells and whistles — but that isn’t necessarily a good thing. (Warning: Some SPOILERS follow.) “It was very beautiful,” Shepard said after complaining about his shoes. “We had gospel singers and rose petals — a real TV-wedding spectacular. My own mother has been trying to replicate [the Braverman] backyard for her own backyard. I fear once she sees what they’ve done with the wedding, my stepdad is going to be killed trying to replicate that.”

Unfortunately, Shepard’s stepdad isn’t the only one in trouble: After last week’s tempting offer to sell The Luncheonette, things with Crosby and Adam are about to get physical, emotional, and ultimately messy. “Adam was the best man,” Krause said. “Then Crosby announces in front of the entire family that he’s no longer going to be the best man, because he’s upset that Adam is planning on trying to sell their business. They get into a little tussle that involves salsa. It’s a bit of a food fight.”

But according to Bryant, all will be well by the time the couple reaches the altar. “[The episode is about] resolving the clashes that happened before the wedding,” she said. “[Then] everyone coming together and being really excited for Crosby finally doing it — the two of us finally doing it.”

At Shepard’s request, that excitement will lead to a goofy dance sequence inspired by his favorite pop-star. “Tonight we will fast dance to Katy Perry,” he said. “Sarah [Ramos] and I were listening to [‘Teenage Dream’] in-between takes, dancing, and the director said, ‘Ooh, do you want to play that one?’ And we said, ‘Yes!’ Everyone in the cast is a pretty good dancer. There aren’t too many duds, really. Lauren [Graham] is a great dancer. I’m a spectacular dancer. Peter — I don’t know. Peter is always in character dancing goofily. I’m not sure if he is or isn’t a good dancer.”

So it sounds like things will wrap up pretty nicely for two of the four Braverman siblings, but Julia’s adoption heartbreak and Sarah’s breakup can’t be dealt with neatly in just one episode. Basically, prepare for some waterworks involving the female half of the quartet. Yet while Sarah has definitely cut the cord on Mark (Jason Ritter) for now, Graham assured EW that there is still hope for the future. “We don’t know [that they’re done] for sure,” she said. “I think it would be sad. While a bump in the road happens, it’s not definitive. I think that the conflict that arises is truthful to a woman being 10 years older than a man who has never really had a serious relationship. We really were very specific that it wasn’t just like, ‘I woke up this morning, and really didn’t feel like it.’ I hate that kind of thing. People who are invested won’t feel cheated.”

As for Julia, Erika Christensen said that getting over losing the baby will take some time, but knowing the final answer will make things a little easier. “It is eating at her, and making life rough at this point,” she said. “But it’s one of those things where, as with most things in life, waiting is what drives you mad. The no answer — the unsureness is really the worst. Once you know, yes or no, it gets better. Well, it can. It’s going to be a long process.”

Finally, fans were left reeling when the young Amber (Mae Whitman) kissed her much older boss, Bob (Jonathan Tucker). Both Whitman and Graham stayed mum about Amber’s final decision tonight, but Whitman sounded definitively negative. “It’s tricky, working with your boss, and also he’s older,” she said. “It’s a hard situation to actually have a plausible relationship in, so I don’t know if she’s going to be able to balance that.”

Yikes. Well, at least one Braverman won’t be going through any drama tonight: “[Kristina] is just watching what happens,” laughed Monica Potter. “Maybe Kristina is loaded. Maybe that’s what I’m going to do — start eating the cake, smashing into people. Because we can do whatever we want. I mean — within reason.”

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