Chuck Norris, Walker, Texas Ranger
Credit: Tony Esparza

Move over, Columbus, Ohio! Move over founder of the New World! You’ve both been replaced by newer, younger models. Reviving the global tradition of celebrity naming for a new generation, Ashton Kutcher and Chuck Norris (did you ever think you’d see those two in a sentence together?) have both been honored recently as towns and/or monuments are now bearing their name.

Four U.K. towns were recently re-named in honor of the Two and a Half Men star — Ashton Hayes in Cheshire County; Ashton Under Hill, Worcestershire; Ashton, South Northamptonshire; and Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire. According to, Ashton Keynes residents spotted flower beds spelling out the newly shorn star’s name and a bronzed bust of Kutcher glitzing up a local store. Then they noticed their beloved White Hart Inn had been redubbed the Ashton Kutcher Arms, which began serving frothy (if a bit tepid) Ashton Kutcher Ale.

Locals were quick to point the finger at fan group Ashton Addiction (yes, that is a thing), it turned out the sudden infusion of Ashton was a stunt orchestrated by Comedy Central to fete Men‘s return and mark Kutcher’s takeover of Charlie Sheen’s spot on the marquee. Not unlike Kutcher’s employment status for Men‘s season 10, though, there’s no word on whether the changes will be permanent.

As for Norris, his newest possible namesake is not in fact in Texas, but Slovakia, reports TIME. In a recent referendum, Bratislava residents overwhelming voted to pay homage to the 71-year-old martial arts master by naming a pedestrian and cycling bridge connecting the capital city to Austria after him. The final approval on this measure falls to a regional assembly, and you better believe Norris will roundhouse them into shape if they don’t push the process into overdrive. A bridge over the Morava River doesn’t connect people and places. Chuck Norris does.

What do you think, PopWatchers? What other celebrities would you like to see get their own, town/bridge/dog park (dream big!)?

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