The mad vampire villainess Drusilla appeared in only 17 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer during the show’s seven-season run, but as deliciously performed by Juliet Landau, the character proved to be a major fan favorite. Well, Dru is back, and in a big way: EW can report exclusively that Landau is currently writing a five-issue Drusilla comic-book miniseries, part of Dark Horse Comics and Buffy creator Joss Whedon’s ongoing expansion of the Buffyverse in comic-book form.

Due to launch in June, the first issue of the spin-off, Landau tells EW, will pick up “literally a panel after” Drusilla’s final appearance in issue No. 9 of the Angel & Faith comic series (out April 25). “I think you will get different sides of Drusilla than you have ever been seen before,” she adds, but her lips are sealed for any details on the story beyond that. So you’ll just have to sate yourself with this exclusive first look at the first issue’s main cover, by Steve Morris, below:

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Landau co-wrote two Dru-centric issues of the Angel: After the Fall comic for IDW two years ago, but this is her first time diving back into the head of the homicidally unhinged vamp on her own. “It was an actor’s dream role,” she says. “There’s so much range and dimension and so many different colors to the character. It’s just really rife with possibilities in terms of where you can go. You can go to any era or any direction, really.”

Currently finishing up writing the third issue, Landau says she’s been working “very closely” with artists Cliff Richards and Tim Seeley on the visual design of the comics, and learning just how much fun being limited only by what a pencil can put on paper can be. “If you want a bit aerial shot, you don’t have to hire a big crane. There’s a freedom in that in the storytelling that’s really liberating.”

And it’s not like Landau’s plate wasn’t already full when she took on this project. She’s in her sixth month performing John Patrick Shanley’s play Danny and the Deep Blue Sea in Los Angeles and she just shot a guest spot on Criminal Minds, directed by series star Matthew Gray Gubler. “I’m a little light on sleep,” she laughs, “but it’s all good!”

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