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I still love Friends. My friends still love Friends. And it makes me happy to know that despite being eight years removed from the show, Jennifer Aniston – one Friend of said Friends – also still loves Friends. Friends.

In an interview on CBS This Morning, Aniston told reporter Gayle King that she “absolutely” watches reruns of the show from time to time, drawing squeals from the Gellar-Green-Bing-Buffay-Tribbiani fan that exists in each and every child.

“I get very nostalgic and I sort of sit back with pride and I kind of just… it makes me happy. It makes me really happy,” said Aniston. “I’ve forgotten complete episodes that we shot, so there are times when I watch it just as if I’m watching it for the first time. Even after the 10th season, there were episodes we’d forgotten.”

Cue my heart breaking and my DVR recording. Even though Aniston nixed the idea of a reunion movie (“Friends is in your living room,” she told The Hollywood Reporter,Friends is not in a movie theater”), it’s still comforting to know that she has a soft spot in her heart for the sitcom, unlike other erstwhile stars out there (let’s not name names) who relish the opportunity to disassociate themselves with the most beloved parts of their oeuvre.

Regardless of her movie career, to me Aniston will forever be Rachel Karen Green: writer of letters, reader of erotica novels, creator of trifles, lover of Weekend at Bernie’s, all-around pushover, and proud owner of the late LaPooh.

Are any PopWatchers out there as fanatical about Friends as I am? Are you surprised that Aniston still watches the show? How many reruns have you kept on your DVR?

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