This week we hopped on a jet plane and headed to Interlaken, Switzerland. A beautiful quaint town that during ski season is alive and bustling but in the off season, which is when we were there, it’s a quiet sleepy little town nestled in the Alps. In case you were wondering, the answer is yes: Ben did stare out the window of the plane the entire way over to Switzerland, listening to his inner monologue. I’ve sat next to him on many of these flights, and if you listen closely sometimes you can actually hear it. Once Ben finished listening to his own thoughts and wandering aimlessly around the country, it was time to start a huge week of exotic dates. The park where Ben and Nikki met and caught the chopper was right in front of our hotel. This was a bit of a landing zone as parachutists and gliders would launch off the mountains above and lazily float into town all day long. Instead of going over each date which all of you saw, I want to talk about what appears to be three very different relationships.

Nikki and Ben obviously have fun together but their relationship feels young. I’m not sure that that makes any sense to you, but when you compare it to the other relationships with Lindzi and Courtney, you can just tell it’s not on the same mature level. This is something Nikki will probably notice as well as she’s watching the show along with all of us. She is an amazing woman with an incredible family. You can tell she is very brave and strong and not afraid to fall in love again, which is a good thing.

I want to hear your thoughts on Lindzi and her relationship with Ben. There was so much talk about Kacie that it seems Lindzi has quietly flown under the radar right into the final two. Once again this week, Lindzi and Ben shared effortless conversation and emotions. It seems so easy for them, and you may have noticed that she and Ben never discuss other women, they never get caught up in the drama. The only thing they seem to get caught up in is each other, and this week she told Ben she was in love with him. It seems like the only thing that could possibly slow her down is that darn blonde-ish hair. If you’re just tuning in, Ben has been partial to brunettes all season long, and Lindzi is the lone blonde survivor.

I know the reason Lindzi has really flown under the radar is probably because Courtney has given us so much to talk about. The last two weeks she has appeared to do a 180 and has been contrite and apologetic. By the way, for all those conspiracy theorists who thought Courtney’s apology last week was dubbed in to “save her,” it was very clear this week her thoughts and words were from the date in Switzerland. (Now you can get back to debunking that whole fake moon-landing thing.) Courtney slightly apologized last week for her actions in the house toward the other women, but this week she took it much further. My question to you is, was this enough? Obviously it meant a lot to Ben, but did it change the view of her in the court of public opinion?

There is one thing I noticed again this week concerning Courtney and Ben. Courtney continues to turn the situation around, giving her the power position. For example this week while the other two women chose to accept the fantasy suite, Courtney turned the tables and asked Ben to accept. These things are very subtle, but it’s a defense mechanism of hers she’s used several times with him. Ben left that date feeling good about Courtney and their relationship… but then Kacie showed up at his door. Ben was obviously caught completely off guard. I thought Kacie was incredibly articulate in expressing her thoughts on why she came back. She really wanted to know what went wrong. I also think Ben was equally articulate and concise in letting her know what we all watched last week. The two of them are worlds apart and, as I said last week in this space, I’m guessing now that Kacie has also watched her hometown date she’ll realize that as well. It is true that she needs to make her own decisions in life separate from her parents, but the fact that she’s still struggling with this once again points to how young she really is. I very much look forward to talking to her at the Women Tell All special to get her thoughts on all of this.

Ben was a mess when I met him for deliberation. He was upset about having to basically break up with Kacie again, but he was really thrown for a loop about Courtney. Ben had his thoughts and feelings in order about her but Kacie made him question all of that all over again. As you saw, this is something that will continue to play out in the finale. Next week is the Women Tell All, and let me tell you this will be our most exciting one ever. I always enjoy getting everybody together to talk about what went down, but this season I’m especially interested to talk to this group of women. There is much to discuss so I look forward to asking all the burning questions and getting the answers you want to hear next week. Until then you can find me on twitter @chrisbharrison, and for more Bachelor fun check out our official site:

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