SPOILER AHEAD if you’re on the west coast! Last week we learned that one of four American Idol contestants — (clockwise from left): gentle giant Jermaine Jones, awful cowboy Richie Law, wee Michael Jackson impersonator David Leathers Jr., and hot-tub denizen and former J. Lo paramour Johnny Keyser — would get the “incredible second chance” of a lifetime and be brought back to the American Idol stage.

The lucky guy was….

Jermaine Jones! After telling his young admirer Ryan Seacrest that his mom almost hadn’t answered the producers’ call to bring him back because she didn’t recognize the phone number, the big purple people eater sang the emotional Luther Vandross ballad “Dance With My Father.”

Watch Jermaine’s performance here:

Here’s how readers had voted when I asked which boy should move on last week:

Are you happy it’s Jermaine?

Oh, and what do we all think of this big ol’ OVAL on the new Idol set?

I’m not LOVING it.

Who do you think sang the best tonight? Discuss the Top 13 Guys here and stay tuned for my full episode recap overnight. Update: Here it is!

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