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Best Director winner Michel Hazanavicius might have had some kind words to say to wife and The Artist star Bérénice Bejo after his film won the Best Picture statue, but the actress gave a heartfelt tribute to her husband even before the ceremony began while walking the red carpet. “I am very proud of him,” the Best Supporting Actress nominee told EW. “There is no word. He made a very special movie and he took us all along with him so I am so happy.”

Bejo continued, telling EW that it’s a dream to work with — and be nominated alongside — her husband, who she met in 2006 while filming OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies. “I wake up with him and go home at night with him and we could have long talks about the film,” she said. “When you are happy and sad or angry, there is your best friend with you. He’s a good boss. And when my feet hurt, I always have someone to carry my shoes or my purse. And it is so much like a dream that it is nice to have [a] partner who is also going through it all and can tell you it is real.”

On stage later that night, Hazanavicius echoed Bejo’s sentiments about working alongside his wife on the film (making up for a Best Director speech in which he made more mention of Uggie than Bejo): “I love you but it’s not just that … you inspired the movie, and you’re the soul of the movie, and the positive feeling of the movie. Thank you for being this in the movie and in my life.” Let the warm fuzzies commence!

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