The Academy Awards found this year’s frontman in veteran host Billy Crystal, who helmed the Oscar ship for the ninth time last night. But next year, the field is wide open. (Though, we’re guessing Eddie Murphy is out of the running.)

If Twitter is any indication, the show’s producers needn’t look any further than the crop of talent who took the stage last night. Unscientific research (aka, the kind done in fuzzy slippers over a bowl of Skinny Cow) concludes that it took all of 20 seconds after a memorable presenter moment for Tweeters to make hosting pleas. So here are some of the faces who made a mark last night — and who we think might be good for the job. (One Oscar winner is in the mix!) Be sure to tell us what you think, too, by taking our poll.

Robert Downey Jr. – We didn’t need a “documentary” bit to remind us what a wicked sense of humor RDJ has, but it certainly helped make him a buzz topic on Twitter, with many hailing his ability to keep a straight face (no laughing at your own jokes, hosts!) and charisma. Our only concern? He might be too damn cool for the gig.

The cast of Bridesmaids – This ensemble of funny women came armed with the comedic timing that is their hallmark — and a little Grey Goose tucked in their brassieres, both of which go a long way during a three-hour show. Also, who can forget Melissa McCarthy’s awesome special effects award intro with Crystal? We could get on board with this pick — if you throw in a little semi-nude Jon Hamm.

Jean Dujardin (who won for The Artist) – The language barrier might be an issue. The glaring benefit to that, however, is that he could drop as much profanity as he’d like and not a single one of the monolingual souls in the control room would know the difference.

Emma Stone – Stone sold her first-time-presenter bit alongside Ben Stiller like a pro, but some were quick to retort to calls for a hosting gig. Playing host to a live show is tough even for some of Hollywood’s most renowned acting talent. Perhaps we should let her be.

The MuppetsThis was all the audition we needed. And we bet they’d thank Jason Segel.