Oscars 2012, Billy Crystal
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It seems silly to ask how you think Billy Crystal did hosting the Oscars since we knew exactly what he would do leading up to the television event: During his ninth time hosting, it was likely we’d see the actor open with a montage that saw him bouncing between notable film scenes of the year and a song about the nominees. And, lo and behold, that’s exactly what Crystal did during last night’s Oscars.

But did Crystal’s Oscars comfort food taste as good as in years past? On my end, it was difficult to fully enjoy the actor’s monologue, thanks to some microphone feedback problems. And some jokes (Crystal’s quick bit about how movies used to be made on film — kids, with their technology and whose-a-gadgets, are crazy these days, aren’t they?!) felt older than 84-year-old Oscar himself. Still, Crystal at least seemed to shine bright enough to help us forget last year’s disastrous Anne Hathaway-James Franco experiment. As EW’s Ken Tucker said, “You feel relaxed watching him, knowing he’s in charge and alert to the mood of the house.”

But let’s throw the question out to you, PopWatchers. How did you think Crystal fared at the Chapter 11 Theater last night? Vote in our poll below!

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