By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated December 20, 2019 at 11:19 AM EST
Credit: Jesse Grant/

Farewell, Sidney Glass? It could happen!

Giancarlo Esposito has scored a role in the new sci-fi pilot from J.J. Abrams and Supernatural creator Eric Kripe.

Esposito will star in the mind-bending action/drama Revolution as Lt. Neville, a “hard-as-steel military man…who may not always be what he seems,” according to casting intel.

Esposito, whose Gus Fring was epically killed off at the end of last season of Breaking Bad, currently recurs on ABC’s Once Upon a Time as Sidney Glass/Magic Mirror, one of the queen’s most trusted conspirators. (And, of course, Revolution needs to score a series pick-up in order to put Mr. Glass in any sort of real danger.)

The much-buzzed pilot, which was picked up by NBC and Jon Favreau is set to direct, follows a group of characters who try to reunite with loved ones “in a world where all forms of energy have mysteriously ceased to exist,” the show’s logline reads.


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