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The promos have teased the arrival of another ghost, played by British actor James Lance, in episode 4. What’s his story?

LC: All I can say is get your dancing shoes on because dance mania is about to hit the BBC. We were all just absolutely blown away by his performance and brilliant, brilliant interpretation of the character. I’m excited to see that one. I think that’s my favorite episode.

Damien, do you have a favorite?

DM: I really like episode 7, because you see a little bit more of Hal’s past — lots of flashbacks. And episode 5 is the return of Craig Roberts [teenage vampire Adam]. He’s just so funny and he’s such a fan favorite. The fans are going to absolutely love him again this year.

Adam is only a bit younger than Tom. Won’t the two of them butt heads?

MS: They sort of do, actually, because again, he’s a vampire. And, at first, Tom hates vampires, obviously, because that’s the way he was brought up, and that’s what he does, he kills vampires. Another journey of Tom’s this season is to try to be less judgmental towards vampires and realize that maybe vampires can do good.

I know you can’t say who — or what — it is, but can you tell us anything about this season’s big baddie?

MS: He’s really bad.

LC: Ooh, he’s really bad. And he has horrible teeth.

DM: Horrible teeth and horrible hands.

MS: And a very veiny man. He’s very veiny.

Fans who have been keeping up with their online reading know that Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss is guest-starring this season as Old One Mr. Snow.  What’s his deal?

DM: He’s a scary guy.

MS: He’s one of my favorite guest stars, as well. He really, actually, genuinely scared me when I was doing scenes with him. He’s incredible.

Who is Cutler (Andrew Gower) and why did he record Tom and George transforming into werewolves on his cell phone? Griffin (Alex Jennings) implied that Cutler was turned into a vampire by someone very powerful. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that he might have a connection to the mysterious Mr. Snow?

MS: We’re going to reveal everything by the time you’re through.

DM: Yeah, if we tell you anything, we’ll tell you everything! I suppose Cutler is this really young and really ambitious vampire who is waiting for the Old Ones to come to the U.K. He wants to really, really impress them and be welcomed into [their fold]. So he’s very strategically developing, through modern techniques, a way to… if I say anything more, I’m going to give it away.

[SPOILER] Now, a mole at the BBC told EW exclusively that the Box Tunnel Massacre is coming back into play in episode 4. How? And why is Hal so interested in it?

DM: This feeds back to… this is a little bit of a spoiler, isn’t it? It all feeds back to what I was talking about with Cutler. The Box Tunnel Massacre has been swept under the carpet a little bit, and in order to highlight maybe the existence of supernaturals, Cutler’s character is helping drip-feed information to the press.

Now, can you explain to American audiences what “rentaghost” — the nickname George and Annie have for when she transports herself from room to room — means?

LC: You’re in really good company, because I didn’t know what it was either! I was told “rentaghost” was a term from an old sitcom where the ghosts move from place to place. It’s a reference to some retro thing, which they throw into Being Human all the time. If you’re over the age of 35 you’ll get it, otherwise you won’t.

DM: I’d always thought that Annie came up with that word!

Finally, you’re building this family of Being Human, Doctor Who, and Sherlock workers, where everybody is guest starring in or directing each other’s shows. Toby has always been involved with Doctor Who. Russell has guest starred on both that show and Sherlock. Will we see any of you guys on Doctor Who?

LD. I’ve done it!

MS. She’s been there, done that!

LC. Yeah, been there, done that! They were brilliant fun. It’s such an honor to be part of the massiveness that is Doctor Who, so I’m sure the boys will get an invite soon enough.

MS: I hope so, Lenora.

LC: I hope so, too! I really do.

MS: Put a word in for me?

LC: Yeah, I’ll put a word in. I’m that powerful.

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