February 26, 2012 at 06:00 AM EST

What was the first scene that the three of you filmed together?

DM: Is it the one where we’re watching the television?

LC: When we all sat on the sofa?

MS: That was our first as a group, yeah.

So are you guys going to be watching The Real Hustle like Mitchell and George used to?

LC: No, Bargain Hunt!

Why is Tom so intent on remaining in Barry and living at Honolulu Heights? 

MS: At the top of episode 1, he ain’t got no dad, has he? He ain’t got a dad anymore, so he’s coming to find some friends or allies to help him on his mission of life, if not his mission of killing vampires. I think he’s come back to the house because that’s the only place he’s familiar with apart from his dad. By the end of episode 1, he’s pretty much in the same situation, but lacking another friend.

Are we going to have to wait much longer for Tom, Annie, and Hal to meet? Will it be love at first sight?

DM: Hal is, obviously, living in a barbershop in South End with Leo, the werewolf, and Pearl, the ghost. In episode 2, we realize that in order to save Leo’s life, we have to come to this house in Barry wherein dwells a werewolf and a ghost. And through a series of misfortunate events, Hal is left on his own and, hence, with Tom and Annie. He really has to rely on them to look after him, because he’d had this amazing support for the last 55 years in order to stay off blood, and that’s suddenly been taken away. Tom and Hal don’t necessarily get on and Hal is reluctant to see Annie as a friend, but at the same time he needs them. As the season develops, it’s lovely watching those relationships soften and really prosper.

We didn’t learn much about Hal in the first episode, besides that he likes dominoes and hates spiders. He also seems pretty posh and essentially obsessive compulsive.

DM: He’s developed these tactics in order to keep his mind clean and his bloodlust at bay. So he has these techniques, and as the season goes on they become more and more related to doing exercise and press-ups — which was extremely tiring to film when I didn’t get it right and had to retake it.

How old his he?

DM: I think he’s 512-years-old. He’s been around for a long, long time. He’s had this horrendous evil past of tearing through Eastern Europe and all the historic wars of the 1700s and 1800s. He’s one of the most evil vampires that has ever existed, but for years has been hiding way, running from his past.

Did he know Mitchell?

DM: It’s never explicitly mentioned, but Mitchell was such a legendary character in the vampire world and Hal is even more so. Hal is one of the original Old Ones, so you could probably trace the bloodline in Mitchell back to Hal at some stage. And I’m sure they’d probably have heard about each other, but I don’t think they’d ever met.

Damien, what was it like to film your first bloodsucking scene?

DM: It was absolutely amazing. I’d spoken to Michael about filming werewolf scenes and he said that you can just let loose. It was so invigorating, and that comes across so well in the werewolf transformation scenes. This was obviously the vampire’s version and it’s great. You get to stick the teeth in and the make-up woman is covering you in blood. It’s the reason I took the job.

The premiere keeps flashing 25 years into the future during a world war between humans and vampires — and the vampires are winning. It seems like the werewolves are on the humans’ side. Where’s Tom?

MS: I don’t know how much I’m allowed to say, because I’m dead worried. Werewolves don’t attack humans. Werewolves are the good breed. But you won’t see me in that bit there.

You’re not going to die, are you?

MS: I don’t want to say, but I’m not in the war and I don’t die.

Is Tom going to be Eve’s primary protector for season 4?  

MS: Yeah, but I think anybody that’s around Eve and the wonderful baby becomes a protector anyway, because Eve’s such an important child for humans, vampires, and werewolves. Anybody who’s on the good guys’ side is going to protect Eve or go out of the way to make sure nothing bad happens to Eve.

Will we meet any other monsters this year?

MS: Yeah, there’s a new one. There’s a new type of supernatural coming in this season, but I’m not going to tell you what sort of supernatural that is.

Is Tom going to find another werewolf friend?

MS: Tom, at this stage in his life, is finding other people and werewolves very interesting. I’ve always said that this is Tom’s adolescence and this season is Tom’s time to experiment with the female werewolf variety.

Should we be paying close attention to the scroll made out of human skin?

LC: Yes, it is important. It basically maps out the fate of the three main characters this season, and it definitely is a context for baby Eve. It’s like a scripture of types. But they don’t have all the parts yet and it’s very easily misread, with the nipples and stuff. And it just happens to be on human skin. That has vampires all over it, doesn’t it? Why they couldn’t use paper, I don’t know. It’s a vampire thing to make it that much more gory. And the little bit of hair… it was one of the most disgusting props on set because it really did look like human skin and as time went on, it picked up dust and lint and it was pretty gross.

Is Eve some sort of a John Connor-like character? Initially, it seemed like the warrior girl in the flash forward scenes was Eve, then after reading the skin scroll, the girl became a ghost so she could travel back in time and “kill that baby.”

MS: She’s a very important child. How’s that sound?

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