Taylor Swift traipses through the ''Hunger'' woods, Kanye multiplies, and more in the latest pop-world clips

By Kyle Anderson and Ray Rahman
February 24, 2012 at 05:00 AM EST

Civil Wars

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Taylor Swift Feat. The Civil Wars, ”Safe & Sound”
Swift thankfully ignores what must have been a powerful impulse to cast herself as a Katniss stand-in. Floating through a gorgeously photographed, spookily unsettling forest, she gives her best acting performance yet. (You heard us, Valentine’s Day.) A-

The Throne, ”N—-s in Paris”
What does Kanye love more than Kanye? Four Kanyes! This laser-laden live clip of Jay and ‘Ye (actually shot in L.A., not France) uses the latest in kaleidoscopic technology to earn its viewer-discretion-advised epilepsy warning. B+

The All-American Rejects, ”Beekeeper’s Daughter”
The Oklahoma rockers’ ridiculously pretty frontwaif Tyson Ritter parades around the set of Pleasantville, fighting off the advances of dancing policemen, alt fangirls, and — wait for it — Wayne Newton. Did we mention how pretty Ritter is? B+

Skrillex, ”Bangarang”
Armed with slingshots and cherry bombs, a trio of bandanna’d Bart Simpsons go to extreme measures to hijack an ice cream truck. Like, severed-hand extreme. And that was just practice! Cut to the kids as grown criminals robbing an armored truck — but don’t worry, it actually has a happy ending (of sorts). B-

Jason Mraz, ”I Won’t Give Up”
Did you find The Tree of Life too long and hard to parse? Maybe you’ll like Mraz’s version better. The aggressively ringleted singer-songwriter croons from a gravel-strewn plane while a world-weary cast of characters roam around and gaze real hard at windows, the sky, and anything else gaze-able. Or at least that’s what happened before we fell asleep. C

Cassie, ”King of Hearts”
Stripped down to her coziest (and nominally NSFW) American Apparel lingerie, the sultry R&B songstress grooves in the bathtub like nobody’s watching. But somebody is watching. Twist! So what happens when the hooded stalker invades her home? Find out on the next episode of Revenge. B-

Jack White, ”Love Interruption”
On his first major outing since the White Stripes’ demise, a poker-faced White manages to get upstaged by his Supremes-ly bouffanted duet partner Ruby Amanfu and an adorable little terrier that almost steals the clip in its few brief seconds of screen time. B

Adam Lambert, ”Better Than I Know Myself”
Getting dressed in the morning can be so much work. The troubled pyromaniac inside you wants to rock guyliner and that black leather trench you borrowed from will.i.am’s Matrix phase, but the side of you that likes meditating and reading by natural light is really pushing for a nice shawl-collar cashmere cardigan. Until you figure it out, one thing’s for certain: You’re gonna need a lot of hair gel. B

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