Fans of the AMC show can now engage their core in ''Run for Your Life'' 5k obstacle courses


Athletic Walking Dead fans can now test their ability to outrun reanimated ghouls in a series of 5K obstacle-course zombie races called ”Run for Your Lives,” which will be held across the country this year. The zombies themselves are ”played” by normal folk who, co-creator Derrick Smith explains, do not actually try to eat the competitors. ”Hopefully not, anyway,” he adds. ”All of our runners have a belt with three flags, and the zombies’ goal is to pull flags. For the runners, the point is to finish the entire course with the best time while keeping at least one of their flags.” Around 10,000 people competed at the inaugural zombie 5K in Darlington, Md., last October. This year’s 11-race schedule (see for details and dates) kicks off March 3 in Atlanta, where The Walking Dead star IronE Singleton will be on hand to sign autographs. What’s next — Olympic status? ”That wouldn’t be bad at all,” says Smith. ”But right now I’m just happy helping people prepare for the pending zombie apocalypse.”