The author name-checks the ''White Collar'' star as her pick to lead the film adaptation of ''The Wolf Gift''


Anne Rice isn’t waiting for Hollywood execs to cast a movie adaptation of her new novel, The Wolf Gift. In a Feb. 15 Good Morning America interview, the author outed herself as a huge White Collar fan, naming star Matt Bomer as the ideal actor to play her book’s werewolf hero. ”Matt Bomer is exceptionally beautiful but also very unassuming and humble,” says Rice, who tells EW that multiple producers have expressed interest in taking her book to the big screen. ”I can see him becoming a very handsome man-wolf.” Bomer, who says he’s ”flattered” to hear that Rice even knows who he is, adds that he’d be ”honored to get to portray this or any of her characters one day.” But the connection between White Collar and The Wolf Gift goes beyond Rice’s attraction to Bomer. Rice got the idea for a werewolf novel from Jeff Eastin, White Collar‘s creator, who became an ”email friend” of hers after she posted about the USA series on her Facebook page. Plus, at a book signing last Friday in L.A., Rice was escorted to her seat by surprise guest Joe Manganiello, who plays the werewolf Alcide on True Blood — and happens to be Bomer’s old college friend. (Of course, you already knew that if you read EW’s Jan. 27 interview with the two stars.) ”I would love to write a story for White Collar at some point,” Rice says. ”I’m busy with my books, but we’ve talked about it.”