Each week, host Jeff Probst answers a few questions about the most recent episode of Survivor: One World.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I have to say, I felt something was missing at the reward challenge — you! Why decide to go the Do It Yourself challenge route, and how many contingencies did you guys have to work out beforehand since you wouldn’t be on hand to officiate in case something funky happened?

JEFF PROBST: We’ve experimented in the past with the DIY simply as a way to generate a new kind of reality where the two tribes must work together to figure something out while ultimately competing against each other in a challenge. John Kirhoffer (supervising producer) is on site to make sure there is a representative there in case of any serious problems, but the idea is that they have to solve any normal issues themselves. We wrote the Tree Mail in a way to suggest that someone should take the “host” role so we’d get a bit of that annoying play-by-play usually reserved for me!

We’ve seen, like on last season, how important making a day one alliance can be. Yet as Chelsea and Sabrina openly admitted last night, it also locks you into an alliance of people that may not be the best to further you and your tribe in the game. What’s your take? Let’s say you were in their shoes: Would you have stayed true to the alliance and kept Kat, or switched course and broken up the alliance?

It’s a really tough choice because if you switch someone out you risk losing your power in the game because the others might seize the opportunity, and if you stay with a wild card like Alicia in your alliance you risk her blowing it with her big mouth. In this case I think the women are probably taking it day by day and assessing the damage. Our big job in upcoming seasons is to make it more difficult to get a strong alliance of five right off the bat and keep it.

What has surprised you more: How dysfunctional the women have been, or how they have all seemed to just accept it, constantly going on about how impossible it is for women to get along with each other? They seem so self-defeating, and even, at times, gender-loathing.

Talking with my friends about this over the years I’ve come to the conclusion that women understand themselves and don’t seem to waste time fretting too much about what is often inevitable. We’ve heard the same story nearly every time we’ve put women together: some form of dysfunction. I think there is probably some element of this game that favors the men initially simply due to the physical demands and maybe that has an impact on the women causing initial dysfunction — then again maybe it’s just great casting! Thanks, Lynne Spillman!

BONUS QUESTION! You’re in the middle of directing your second movie, Kiss Me. What’s the latest?

Kiss Me is coming along nicely. Just wrapped shooting with Missy Pyle (whose latest film, The Artist, may just win an Academy Award this weekend) and we just started shooting with Rita Wilson — who while not nominated this year, will certainly be at the same Academy Awards!

Hit us up with a tease for next week, sir.

NEXT TIME ON… SURVIVOR. Could a massive storm be the wake-up call the women need? Plus, one of the best immunity challenges we’ve had in a long time. Great drama!

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